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Software Defined Radio Software Defined Radio
By Andrew Barron, ZL3DW

Everyone is talking about software defined radio (SDR) but is SDR right for you? Software Defined Radio sets out to explain the basics without getting to technical and is written to help you too get the most out of your SDR. It will even help you decide what to buy.

Written by New Zealand based and acknowledged SDR expert Andrew Barron, ZL3DW, Software Defined Radio covers a huge range of material. The use of SDR by radio amateurs is growing rapidly in popularity as they become aware of the great features and performance on offer. Not only does this book cover how SDR works there are details the different types of software that are available, what is different about them and even what is better. There is a wealth of useful information included and even guides to what to look for when you are buying equipment. There are guides to using SDR with CW, Digital Modes, Contesting, EME, Microwaves, Satellites and much more. You will find information on over 60 SDR radios that you can buy today featuring leading brands such as FlexRadio, Elecraft, Anan, Expert, Elad, Icom, WiNRADiO, SDRplay, FUNcube and many more.

Software Defined Radio is intended for radio amateurs, short wave listeners or anyone interested in radio technology. If you are interested in the technology of what was once, the domain of a few dedicated hackers and experimenters, the future of this exciting and fast developing area of radio or simply want to buy a SDR radio, this book is thoroughly recommended reading.

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Size 174x240mm, 304 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9349 5

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Get on the Air with HF Digital (2nd Edition) Get on the Air with HF Digital (2nd Edition)
By Steve Ford, WB8IMY

Now including popular modes FT8 and WSPR!

The popularity of HF digital communications among Amateur Radio operators continues to grow rapidly. A few watts of RF power are all it takes to work the world - digitally! Written in an easy to understand style, this book will show you how to set up and operate your own HF digital station.

Fully updated, the second edition of Get on the Air with HF Digital is a step-by-step guide that'll get you started in the fascinating world of HF digital technology. Starting with the basics of build your own an HF digital station there is advice on the essentials: the radio, the computer and the device that ties them together. The book then moves on to discuss PSK31 for worldwide working with low power and minimal antennas and RTTY which for many is still the champ when it comes to contesting and DX hunting. The "WSJT Modes:" are explored in particular the newer and increasingly popular FT8 and JT65. MFSK and Olivia modes are not forgotten as these will still have you chatting when all others have given up. PACTOR and WSPR are also discussed in detail. Get on the Air with HF Digital provides instructions for configuring all these modes and how to get the best out of them.

Get on the Air with HF Digital provides readers with a practical advice on this fun and easy way to get on the air. If you want to start operating HF digital modes this is a great place to start.

Size: 184x227mm, 144 pages ISBN 9781 6259 5083 3

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More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio

By: Glen Popiel, KW5GP

Building on the success of the original ARRL book Arduino for Ham Radio, this book More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio includes 15 completely new practical and functional Arduino projects for ham radio. This book branches out to use some of the newer Arduino variants and devices. Each project is complete and functional but room has been left for you to add personal touches and enhancements. That's part of the fun of the Arduino and Open Source communities building on the work of others, and then sharing your designs and innovations for others to learn, modify, and improve.

More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio builds a solid foundation through descriptions of the many new Arduino boards and add-on components, followed by a collection of practical ham radio projects. Readers will find a wide variety of applications with projects including Wireless Remote Coax Switch, Yaesu Rotator Controller, Antenna SWR Analyser, two 40 Meter QRP Transceivers and much more.

There is something in More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio for everyone interested in Arduino. This is thoroughly recommended reading for beginners or a seasoned programmer alike.

Size: 208 x 276mm, 500 pages ISBN: 9781 6259 5070 3

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ARRL Arduino for Ham Radio ARRL Arduino for Ham Radio
Arduino Microcontroller Projects You Can Build Today!

By: Glen Popiel, KW5GP

The Arduino has become popular among amateur radio operators who are exploring these powerful, inexpensive microcontrollers, creating new projects and amateur station gear. Arduino for Ham Radio introduces you to the exciting world of microcontrollers and open source hardware and software.

Arduino for Ham Radio starts by building a solid foundation through descriptions of various Arduino boards and add-on components, followed by a collection of ham radio-related practical projects. Beginning with simple designs and concepts and gradually increasing in complexity and functionality, there is something here for everyone. Projects can be built quickly and used alternatively they can be expanded and enhanced with your own personal touches.

Arduino for Ham Radio projects include; Random Code Practice Generator, CW Beacon and Foxhunt Keyer, Fan Speed Controller, Digital Compass, Weather Station, RF Probe with LED Bar Graph, Solar Battery Charge Monitor, On-Air Indicator, Talking SWR Meter, Talking GPS/UTC Time/Grid Square Indicator, Iambic Keyer, Waveform Generator, PS/2 CW Keyboard, Field Day Satellite Tracker, Azimuth/Elevation Rotator Controller, CW Decoder, Lightning Detector, CDE/Hy-Gain Rotator Controllers.

Size 208x274mm, 352 pages, ISBN: 9781 6259 5016 1

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Computers in Amateur Radio Computers in Amateur Radio
Edited by Steve White, G3ZVW

For the most the personal computer has become the essential tool to get jobs done quicker, easier, quieter and in less space than ever before. When radio amateurs connect a personal computer to a radio, then it takes the potential of both to another level. Computers in Amateur Radio provides a practical guide to what is possible for radio amateurs who wish to combine these two technologies.

This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Computers in Amateur Radio has been expanded to include new material on the phenomenal possibilities of Raspberry Pi and the wide variety of data modes now available. Computers in Amateur Radio provides chapters dedicated to the computer modelling of antennas, propagation and even terrain for HF, Remote Operation, Software Defined Radio, APRS, SSTV and log keeping. A whole host of live Internet uses are also covered. There is even a chapter dedicated to the EMC of computers, with information on choosing systems and how to avoid - or deal with - the interference they can cause or suffer.

Computers in Amateur Radio contains many illustrated step-by-step guides to assist the first-timer in becoming familiar with an activity. For the more experienced reader there is great reference information and even some basic fault-finding and interfacing tips - everyone will find something of interest and value.

Free CD
This book is supplied with a CD packed with nearly 640MB of software. You will find programs for Logging, Contesting, Mapping, Morse code training, Datamodes, RTTY and even non radio utilities, plus a whole lot more.

ISBN: 9781 9050 8685 6 Size 174x240mm 256pages

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RTTY/PSK31 for Radio Amateurs RTTY/PSK31 for Radio Amateurs
By Roger Cooke, G3LDI

Data modes appear to be a daunting prospect to newly licensed radio amateurs, but they do not have to be. This book is a practical guide to the two most popular data modes, RTTY and PSK31.

This book is an expanded and fully updated 2nd edition of the popular RTTY and PSK31 for Radio Amateurs. At 50% bigger that the 1st edition, there is no better guide to these data modes. Readers will find details of where to find data modes on the amateur bands, through getting started, to making the most from both these modes. DXpeditions and contests use these modes and there is lots of information on getting the best from these too.

RTTY is the oldest real Data mode and was first used on the amateur bands over 50 years ago. In those days it was a complex mode to use, with teleprinters and home made transmitters to modify. However, in the computer age, it is much easier to both use and set up. RTTY and PSK31 for Radio Amateurs provides you will all you need to know to get the most out of this fascinating area of amateur radio.

Free CD
The free CD that accompanies this book has also been fully updated to provide a wealth of amateur radio data mode programs to get you started. You will also find reviews of equipment, lots of reference material, videos, web links and essential reading for anybody interested in Data.

RTTY and PSK31 for Radio Amateurs does though carry a warning: Buying this book may lead to an enjoyment of RTTY, PSK31 and Data modes in general that is highly addictive.

Size 174x240mm 48pages, ISBN: 9781 9050 8688 7

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ARRL Ham Radio  for Arduino and PICAXE ARRL Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE
by Leigh L.Klotz, Jr. WA5ZNU

Microcontroller technology has exploded in popularity among ham radio operators. The new generation of single-board microcontrollers is easier than ever to use, bringing together hardware and software for project-building radio amateurs can easily dive into. With inexpensive microcontroller platforms, such as the popular open-source Arduino board, readily available parts, components and accessory boards, the possibilities are limitless.

Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE introduces you to the fun and rewards of experimenting with microcontrollers. Klotz and many other contributors have designed projects that will enhance your ham radio station and operating capabilities. Or, take it to the next step, using these projects as a launch pad for creating your own projects. Readers will find a wide range of unusual and differing projects including, beacon transmitters, keyers, antenna position control, RTTY and digital mode decoders, waterfall displays, and much more. Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE comprises mostly Arduino projects and readers should note that many of the projects require the purchase of additional Arduino shields and other boards to complete them.

ISBN: 9780 8725 9324 4
Size: 208x274mm, 352 Pages

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VoIP: Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs VoIP: Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs
NEW Second Edition
By Jonathan Taylor, K1RFD

Large numbers of radio amateurs are now regularly using VoIP, or "Voice Over Internet Protocol" and this second edition of VoIP: Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs is the complete guide to this fascinating topic.

VoIP: Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs covers the most widely-used VoIP systems used by radio amateurs, with particular attention to EchoLink and the Internet Radio Linking Project, or IRLP. The book is designed for beginners who need information on how to get started, set-up, and use these systems. This is also the ideal guide to the ham radio applications of VoIP, in combination with their radios for long-distance communication spanning hundreds or thousands of miles. The use of the Internet as the relay between their base stations, handhelds and mobile transceivers. For the more advanced, it provides plenty of technical "meat" for those who want to dig deeper into VoIP applications and discover how they work.

Sections Include;
Connecting the World Using A VoIP Link
Conference Servers, Reflectors and Nets
Other Linking Systems
Setting Up Your Own Node
Digital Audio and the Internet Under The Hood
Echolink: Under The Hood
Legal Issues In Linking
Web Resources & Glossary

New for this edition are sections
Asterisk and app_rpt
Remote Control Techniques.

Size 144 pages, size 227x185mm, ISBN: 9780-87259-926-4

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CoMmand CoMmand

Computers, Microcontrollers and DSP for the Radio Amateur

By: Andy Talbot, G4JNT

This book is for the radio amateur and home experimenter who wants to use modern digital and computer technology to make more use of his/her radio equipment. It is aimed at those who want to add additional hardware and try new signalling and communications methods, and to build hardware and systems for controlling existing equipment. The home computer is first covered, writing programmes and software, with much detail on how to interface the PC to external hardware via its various ports. Particular emphasis is placed on what can be done with the older computer, now very cheaply available. Software techniques for detecting signals in noise and for automatic beacon monitoring are described.
Then come Microcontrollers, covered in depth, particularly the PIC family of devices. From the basics of writing the first PIC programme and programming the device, many different types of hardware are described, such as A/D converters and relays. This includes simple arithmetic and coding issues for security and remote control. Finally, basic Digital Signal Processing is covered, with aspects such as digital filtering, time/frequency transformations and very narrow bandwidth working being described. How to start using DSP techniques at home is explained; evaluation modules and DSP routes using some simple additional hardware and a PC are covered. Programming in the Windows operating system, with particular emphasis on using the soundcard for DSP purposes, is then introduced.

Written for the experienced amateur, this book is aimed at the experimenter and home constructor who wants to get involved in the subject, and to understand how to take it further.

2003 Edn, RSGB, paperback,
240 x 173 mm, 232 pages, ISBN: 1-872309-94-1

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