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<strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>radio</span>today</strong> guide to HF data on FT8 & PSK radiotoday guide to HF data on FT8 & PSK
By Rob Walker, G3ZJQ

Many radio amateurs who are finding the bands quiet are now turning to HF data on FT8 and PSK and finding lots of activity when using the weak signal modes offered by WSJT-X. There has been an explosion in the popularity of these modes and this new book offers the very latest advice on how to set up your station and operate.

radiotoday guide to HF data on FT8 & PSK starts by explaining how to set up a modern digital modes station using just a PC and a transceiver. Detailed and very practical discussions then explain the monitoring and operating procedures required. Covering the WSJT-X 2.0 software including FT8 contest modes for weak signals, the book also includes the Fldigi 4.0 freeware for the myriad of other HF digital modes available. The book even details the new Fox and Hounds mode. You will find an in-depth discussion of modern digital modes from the very practical side but also goes on to discuss the technology itself. Concepts such as Forward Error Correction (FEC), Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC) and Fourier analysis that at first appear complex are explained. radiotoday guide to HF data on FT8 & PSK ensures that the requirement of advanced mathematical skills before you can decipher this technology has been removed. The book explains in a simplified way using diagrams and terms familiar to most radio amateurs.

If you are interested in using FT8 or other HF digital modes or even the possibilities in the new WSJT-X 2.0 software then radiotoday guide to HF data on FT8 & PSK provides the ideal starting point.

Size 174 x 240mm, 80 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9370 9

This book is also available on Amazon Kindle click here for that version

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Work the World with JT65 and JT9 Work the World with JT65 and JT9
Explore a New World of Digital Communication
By Steve Ford, WB8IMY

Thanks to these two revolutionary digital communication modes, any radio amateur can easily make contacts throughout the world. You don't need high power or large antennas with the JT modes and Work the World with JT65 and JT9 shows you how to assemble an effective station and configure the software for best performance. You'll learn how to make contacts, and also how to use these modes as tools to test your station and study HF propagation. The book starts with a chapter on 'Getting to Know the JTs' which provides what you need to know about JT65 and JT9, from how these protocols work through to the advantages they offer. The book provides instructions on building a JT capable station along with the hardware and software you'll need to get on the air with JT65 and JT9. There is a guide to what to expect when you get on the air with JT65 and JT9 and start making contacts.

Simply put Work the World with JT65 and JT9 provides the tricks and tips on how to get started in and make the most from the digital world of JT65 and JT9.

Size 184x229mm, 80 pages, ISBN: 9781 6259 5043 7

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RTTY/PSK31 for Radio Amateurs RTTY/PSK31 for Radio Amateurs
By Roger Cooke, G3LDI

Data modes appear to be a daunting prospect to newly licensed radio amateurs, but they do not have to be. This book is a practical guide to the two most popular data modes, RTTY and PSK31.

This book is an expanded and fully updated 2nd edition of the popular RTTY and PSK31 for Radio Amateurs. At 50% bigger that the 1st edition, there is no better guide to these data modes. Readers will find details of where to find data modes on the amateur bands, through getting started, to making the most from both these modes. DXpeditions and contests use these modes and there is lots of information on getting the best from these too.

RTTY is the oldest real Data mode and was first used on the amateur bands over 50 years ago. In those days it was a complex mode to use, with teleprinters and home made transmitters to modify. However, in the computer age, it is much easier to both use and set up. RTTY and PSK31 for Radio Amateurs provides you will all you need to know to get the most out of this fascinating area of amateur radio.

Free CD
The free CD that accompanies this book has also been fully updated to provide a wealth of amateur radio data mode programs to get you started. You will also find reviews of equipment, lots of reference material, videos, web links and essential reading for anybody interested in Data.

RTTY and PSK31 for Radio Amateurs does though carry a warning: Buying this book may lead to an enjoyment of RTTY, PSK31 and Data modes in general that is highly addictive.

Size 174x240mm 48pages, ISBN: 9781 9050 8688 7

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Computers in Amateur Radio Computers in Amateur Radio
Edited by Steve White, G3ZVW

For the most the personal computer has become the essential tool to get jobs done quicker, easier, quieter and in less space than ever before. When radio amateurs connect a personal computer to a radio, then it takes the potential of both to another level. Computers in Amateur Radio provides a practical guide to what is possible for radio amateurs who wish to combine these two technologies.

This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Computers in Amateur Radio has been expanded to include new material on the phenomenal possibilities of Raspberry Pi and the wide variety of data modes now available. Computers in Amateur Radio provides chapters dedicated to the computer modelling of antennas, propagation and even terrain for HF, Remote Operation, Software Defined Radio, APRS, SSTV and log keeping. A whole host of live Internet uses are also covered. There is even a chapter dedicated to the EMC of computers, with information on choosing systems and how to avoid - or deal with - the interference they can cause or suffer.

Computers in Amateur Radio contains many illustrated step-by-step guides to assist the first-timer in becoming familiar with an activity. For the more experienced reader there is great reference information and even some basic fault-finding and interfacing tips - everyone will find something of interest and value.

Free CD
This book is supplied with a CD packed with nearly 640MB of software. You will find programs for Logging, Contesting, Mapping, Morse code training, Datamodes, RTTY and even non radio utilities, plus a whole lot more.

ISBN: 9781 9050 8685 6 Size 174x240mm 256pages

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Digital Modes for all Occasions Digital Modes for all Occasions

By Murray Greenman, ZL1BPU

This is the book for every person who is interested in Amateur Radio Digital Modes, as it is simply the most complete book yet written on this subject.

Written by a leading expert on digital modes this book describes serial transmission and various data and error correction techniques. It explains the differences between a bit, a byte and a symbol, the baud and BPS, Baudot and ITA2. The history of digital modes is covered along with reviews all the important modes and tools available for PC sound card. The book also describes the performance of each mode under different propagation conditions, explains what these conditions are, and how to manage them.

As well as over 100 excellent illustrations, there are extensive appendices of technical information. These include precise and carefully illustrated details of how to set up the computer and sound card for digital modes. Glossaries of digi-mode terms and an extensive reference section of books, papers, software and web sites related to digital modes.

With this book you will be able to:
· Set up your computer effortlessly, using hints to avoiding all the pitfalls
· Learn how to connect the computer and radio together safely and simply
· Learn where to find all the software you need, at no cost
· Operate exciting real-time QSOs, working across town or around the world
· Learn which modes to use, which are best for certain conditions
· Operate visual modes, such as Hellschreiber, FAX and SSTV

Written for the average radio amateur through to the seasoned digital mode expert, this book is a must for everyone!

2002 Edition, RSGB, paperback, 208 pages, size 240x174mm ISBN 1-872309-82-8

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