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QRP Scrapbook QRP Scrapbook
Low-power operation or QRP is one of the most popular aspects of amateur radio and the UK's G-QRP Club is a leading light in this area. This book draws together the very best articles from authors around the world that have been published in the club's journal Sprat in recent years. Packed with projects QRP Scrapbook contains all-new material not previously published in an Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) book.

There is much included in this book and there are modern techniques including a practical RF generation system for superhets using direct digital synthesis (DDS) modules, the use of TV 'dongles' to make a software defined radio (SDR), plus Arduino microcontroller projects for a CW transceiver and keyer and much more.

The QRP Scrapbook has six sections covering QRP transmitters and transceivers; simple and also somewhat more complex receivers; antenna systems and test equipment suitable for low-power operation, and a 'miscellaneous' section covering subjects as diverse as how to wind toroids tidily, making your own ribbon cable, Morse keys and keyers, crystal oscillators and ceramic resonators. With the increasing problem of local interference, the noise cancelling device in this section will be of interest to all amateurs, not just those who operate with low power.

Produced in co-operation between the RSGB and the G-QRP Club, QRP Scrapbook is essential reading for all interested in the latest in home-construction techniques and the art and science of low-power amateur radio.

Size 174x240mm, 240 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9379 2

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Low Power - Spratbook Low Power - Spratbook
The best of the GQRP Journal - the first 150 issues 1974 - 2012


QRP - the art and science of low-power operation - is one of the most popular aspects of amateur radio. In the UK, the G QRP Club has been a leading light in this area of operation since its formation in 1974. Its journal, SPRAT is recognised as one of the world's leading QRP publications and it has now reached its 150th edition. This milestone is marked by this publication of this book, which is a selection the best of nearly four decades of low-power amateur radio circuits and ideas that have been published in SPRAT.

The Low Power Spratbook is divided into seven parts, covering transmitters, receivers, transceivers, antennas, ATUs, Morse keys and keyers, and a section for those circuits that do not fall happily into any particular part but which might best be categorised as 'miscellaneous'. Circuits vary in complexity from an "ultra-simple" 80m CW transceiver using just 14 parts to the more sophisticated 'Sparkford', designed by Walford Electronics and also for use on 80m CW. You will find early 'classics' within these pages, including the 'OXO' transmitter from 1981 and the 'ONER' dating from 1985 / 1986, both GM3OXX designs. The Low Power Spratbook also includes QRP classics such as versions of the 'FOXX' transceiver, the 'Pixie' in its various guises, the 'Epiphyte' and the 'Naxos'. All are presented as exact copies as they were originally printed.

The Low Power Spratbook will appeal to the dedicated QRP enthusiast through to all those who have never tried QRP construction work before. This book is a veritable gold mine of ingenious designs and circuits and provides a superb introduction and reference book dedicated to the art and science of low-power or QRP amateur radio.

Size: 320 pages, 174x240mm. ISBN: 9781 9050 8686 3

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QRP Basics QRP Basics
By Rev George Dobbs, G3RJV

This new second edition of QRP Basics has been thoroughly updated and continues to provide the ideal guide to low power amateur radio. If you want a new challenge, or have just wanted to try QRP, or even simply want to improve your QRP station, then QRP Basics will help you do all of these things and much more.

QRP Basics starts with the 'Why' - what makes so many so enthusiastic about QRP - and then concentrates on the 'How'. Good, solid advice includes choosing commercial QRP equipment - both ready-made and kits, simple antennas and operating tips. Much of the book deals with the art of home-construction, providing practical advice on workshop techniques, and choosing and using components. Chapters are dedicated to simple construction projects based on tried and tested designs. These cover test equipment, transmitters, station accessories, and transmitting and receiving equipment for beginners. Appendices explain where to buy components and how to find more information.

If you are already a QRP operator, QRP Basics is certain to improve your experience. If you are new to this part of amateur radio, QRP Basics is everything you need to get started. Whichever category you fall into, this book will ensure you have fun.

Size 174x240mm 208 pages ISBN: 9781 9050 8684 9

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ARRL Low Power Communication ARRL Low Power Communication
The Art and Science of QRP

NEW 4th Edition

by Richard Arland, K7SZ

The fourth edition of ARRL Low Power Communication is your guidebook to the fascinating world of low power QRP operating. This book promises that "Just a Little RF Power Goes a Long Way" and it shows that with only 5 W or less (sometimes much less) you can enjoy conversations over hundreds and even thousands of miles. Ask any QRPer, and they'll tell you that less really is more and with a handful of parts, you can build a radio and put it on the air. ARRL Low Power Communication provides the resources you need for getting started and the latest information on advanced QRP techniques. There are guides to kit building, chasing DX, building antennas, propagation theory and much more. For the beginner there are "Tips to Get You Started the Right Way", "An introduction to QRP operating" and FAQs for Beginners. There are many tips that even experienced amateurs will appreciate and ARRL Low Power Communication provides a great guide to getting the most out of QRP radio.

* Equipment and Station Accessories - commercial gear, kit-building and home-brew including an all-new homebrew photo gallery.
* Antennas for QRP - Updated and Expanded! Wire beams, loops, dipoles, portable antennas and a look at the author's new stealth antenna design.
* Operating Strategies - operating techniques, awards, and contesting
* Emergency Communication - training, planning and other factors
* NEW! HF Propagation for the QPRer An authoritative look at likely propagation conditions for Solar Cycle 24.

ISBN: 9780 8725 9582 8 Size 183x227mm, 320 pages

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International QRP Collection International QRP Collection
A compendium of QRP articles from around the world

Compiled and edited by Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV and Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX

QRP (or low power) operating is practiced by many radio amateurs across the globe. Much is published by these QRP enthusiasts detailing great designs, best practice and much more. The authors of the International QRP Collection have scoured the world for the best of these and compiled them for you, into this great scrapbook.

The International QRP Collection contains articles from well known amateur radio magazines such as RadCom, QST, Sprat, Break In and many others, as well as some original material. By far the largest section of the International QRP Collection is that devoted to construction. This will please most QRP enthusiasts, who are also keen equipment builders. To complement this, there are also sections on modifications to QRP equipment, reviews of commercial equipment, QRP theory, and articles on QRP operating. There is certain to be something of interest to all low-power enthusiasts within the pages of this book.

With authors from Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania, the International QRP Collection is truly an international window on today's QRP construction and operating practices.

Size 210x274mm, 176pages ISBN: 9781 9050 8655 9

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More QRP Power More QRP Power

More equipment, accessories and antennas for low power radio operating!

More QRP Power is an anthology of articles from recent issues of QST and QEX magazines covering construction practices, transceivers, transmitters, receivers, accessories, and antennas. Here are dozens of projects and articles to help you assemble or improve a QRP station for home or travel.

Why not give QRP a try? And if you are already addicted, why not try a new antenna or accessory? Whether you want to build a complete station from scratch or just an item or two to use with your kit or commercial QRP transceiver, you'll find it here.

©The American Radio Relay League, Size 275x208mm, 176 pages. ISBN: 0-87259-965-5

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