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Single Year RadCom on CD-ROM Single Year RadCom on CD-ROM

The RSGB has produced an in easy to use format, single year archives of the RSGB's monthly 100-page magazine RadCom (short for Radio Communication). Over a thousand pages of amateur radio information are crammed into each compact disk. These pages are easily accessed by using Adobe's Acrobat software, it is possible for anyone with a suitable PC, Mac or Unix-based computer to see the magazine pages exactly as they appear on the printed page (a Windows version is supplied on each CD).

With each CD, you can:
VIEW all the words, diagrams and pictures
SEARCH for any word or phrase
JUMP quickly from the Contents page to each article
PRINT out any page
STORE all of the magazines neatly

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  • Non Member's Price 14.99   
  • RSGB Member's Price 12.74   

RadCom Archive - USB Memory Stick Version RadCom Archive - USB Memory Stick Version

For those who don't want the RadCom Archive on a CD Rom we also produce the USB Memory Stick Version which contains all the same material as the CD version in a highly portable and easy to use format.

USB Memory Stick Version

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  • Non Member's Price 14.99   
  • RSGB Member's Price 12.74   

Radcom Archive sets Radcom Archive sets

The RSGB has produced special multi-year archive sets of Radcom and its predecessor the Bulletin, with sets available prior to 1996. Each CD or DVD set contains a minimum of five years of the magazines, which is 60 magazines or over 5,000 pages!

Save your shelf space and use these easy to store and search Radcom Archive CD/DVDs.

Supplied with a FREE Acrobat Reade to make searching, viewing and printing easy.

You can:

VIEW every page of every edition
SEARCH a single index file listing every article
PRINT out any page
STORE many magazine editions in a compact box

Add this important record of amateur radio over the years to your collection

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  • RSGB Member's Price 16.99   

RadCom Complete Archive Sets RadCom Complete Archive Sets



You can purchase all twelve archive sets of the Radcom and Bulletin CD/DVDs (1925-2010), thats over 20 discs for a special inclusive price of:

ONLY £179.00 (saving over £60 off the individual rrps)


You can purchase all of the single year Radcom CD Roms (2011-2018) for a special inclusive price of:

ONLY £75.00 (saving nearly £40 off the individual rrps)


Buy the entire set of individual year CDs and Archive sets as well (1939 - 2018) so you will receive 8 individual year CDs and 12 archive sets for:

ONLY £249.00 (saving over £100 off the individual rrps)

All offers are post & free (UK only)

Archive Required
RSGB Complete Archive Set 1925-2010 @ 179.00
RSGB Complete Single Year CD Set 2011-2018 @ £75.00
RSGB Complete Archive Set 1925-2018 @ £249.00

RadCom Back Issues RadCom Back Issues

It is possible to purchase back numbers of RadCom

We supply copies on a rolling year basis with the last 12 editions all being available.

Unfortunately editions older than a year are not availble. If, you would like copies of the conents of older editions please see below.
Price: 4.95

RadCom Articles RadCom Articles

It is possible to purchase printed copies of old RadCom articles.

You must be able to identify the article required to use this service and you will need to note the month and year of the RadCom needed. If you also have the page number this is helpful in allowing us to find the article needed. The cost of this service is £0.50 per printed page plus a standard handling charge of £3.00 which includes postage and packing. If you know the number of prints required here please enter the quantity below, if you do not know please select the 'don't know' option below we will take a notional charge of £2.00 but on reciept we will calculate the correct charge charge for you and charge you accordingly.

Please note that RSGB Members may request electronic copies of articles at no charge by contacting . This service is not available to non RSGB members.
Price: 3.00

Number of pages

RadCom Bound Volume 2013 RadCom Bound Volume 2013

These fine items are produced by hand, to order and limited to 100 copies. Special untrimmed copies of Radcom are professionally trimmed and bound by master craftsmen. Each copy is gold blocked onto a special luxury and hardwearing cover with the individual year and the RSGB diamond. Produced every year since 1925 these are a fine collectors item and an exceptional way to store each years Radcom.

***** RSGB Members Only Product *****

Price: 49.99

RadCom Easi-Binder RadCom Easi-Binder

Black hard-cover folders are available to keep your copies of RadCom safe and accessible. These, together with a copy of the year's index, will enable you to look up articles and features with ease.

A label to denote each year is supplied free with the binders.
Price: 9.99

ARRL Subscription ARRL Subscription
Amateurs living outside the US and possessions are invited to join ARRL as International Members. International Members do not vote in League elections and may not hold office, but enjoy all other benefits of ARRL membership, including:

QST Magazine.
International members will receive a monthly printed QST magazine in the mail.
Editions contain
Hints & Kinks:Feature articles: New Ham Companion: Technical articles: DXing and Contesting: Ham Ads and Display Ads: News from the FCC. Other columns include satellites, packet radio, public service, technical discussions-and much more!

New - Online QST - the whole magazine is now avaialble to read online each month.

Access to the ARRL Members Only Web site.
When you become a League member, you enjoy exclusive access to the new ARRL Members-Only Web site. At this site you'll find information and services that are not available anywhere else! Features include the ARRLWeb Extra, a colorful biweekly Amateur Radio on-line magazine filled with news and features; a Product review archive where you can download and view QST product reviews from 1980 to the present; an online index for QST and QEX; contest results and current Product Reviews before they are published in QST; and a member database where you can change your mailing address and other information on-line through a private, secure link.

Reduced costs for participation in the DXCC program.
International Members may participate in the ARRL DXCC Program at the Member rates. This represents a savings of $10 from nonmember rates for each DXCC submission during the year. (Members pay only $10 for the initial submission each year and $20 for additional submissions; nonmembers pay $20 for the initial submission and $30 for additional submissions.) In addition, International Members who are DXCC participants automatically receive the annual DXCC Yearbook free of charge. This publication contains a listing of call signs and country totals for all DXCC participants for the year, as well as stories about popular DX operations and a summary of DX news for the year, changes to the DXCC List and program, and a discussion of the "Most Needed" DXCC entities. (The DXCC Yearbook is available for $5 to nonmembers).

Subscription rates includes Airmail delivery.

Please Select

Subscription Required
ARRL Subscription 1 Year @ 61.00
ARRL Subscription 2 Year @ 118.00
ARRL Subscription 3 Year @ 174.00

ARRL Online Subscription ARRL Online Subscription

International members may elect to read the monthly QST magazine online rather than recivieving a printed copy in the mail. All other rights remain the same including DXCC discounts etc. Please note these prices include VAT.

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Subscription Required
ARRL Online Subscription 1 Year @ 47.00
ARRL Online Subscription 2 Year @ 91.00
ARRL Online Subscription 3 Year @ 135.00

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