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Amsats and Hamsats Amsats and Hamsats
Amateur Radio and other Small Satellites
by Andrew Barron, ZL3DW

This book is simply the most comprehensive guide available on how you communicate through amateur radio satellites and how to receive signals from other small satellites and ‘weather’ satellites. Written by best-selling amateur radio author Andrew Barron, ZL3DW this is the answer to everything you wanted to know about this exciting world of satellites.

Amsats and Hamsats begins by answering questions like, ‘how do satellites stay in orbit’ and ‘why are they so expensive to launch?’ before moving onto sections about the history of amateur radio satellites, the mathematics governing orbits, different types of satellite and their orbits. It covers the equipment you need, to track and use the amateur satellites and some of the satellite tracking software that is available. There are detailed sections covering feeders, masthead preamplifiers, antenna systems and automated rotator control. There are the details of FUN cube Satellites, Weather Satellites and even the International Space Station. If you want to know the art of the possible and what satellites are available, where they are, new ones that are planned and even the bands you can operate, Amsats and Hamsats has the answer. There is much more included and this book provides the ultimate guide to operating satellites.

Amsats and Hamsats, provides within its impressive 368 pages a great value guide to this stimulating and challenging area of amateur radio activity. If you want to get started or are already an experienced operator you will find something of value in these pages.

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Size 174x240mm, 368 pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9354 9

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Amateur Radio Satellites Explained

By Pierluigi Poggi, IW4BLG

Since the launch of Sputnik back in 1957 Radio Amateurs have been listening to artificial satellites orbiting above the Earth. A mere four years after the launch of Sputnik, Radio Amateurs put their own satellite into orbit, thus beginning a series of amateur satellite launches that continues over 50 years later with the CubeSat operations of today. Hamsat - Amateur Radio Satellites Explained sets out to give you details of what you need to know about Amateur Radio Satellite operation.

Hamsat - Amateur Radio Satellites Explained begins with the history of the OSCAR (Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio) programme which details the various incarnations from Oscar 1 in 1961 through to the present day. This book explains what is needed in an amateur radio ground station from the antenna through to the receiver. You will find rotator information for tracking the satellite, designs for pre-amplifiers and all manner of technical detail. There is a chapter dedicated to the ground station antennas, giving details of the performance of many commercially available systems and information on 'The Endless Dilemma of Polarisation'. You will also find chapters dedicated to Ground-Space-Ground Propagation, the Doppler Effect, Keplerian Elements and much else too. There is information on suitable transceivers, software, recent developments in this exciting field plus much more.

For anyone interested in operating Amateur Radio satellites Hamsat - Amateur Radio Satellites Explained is the book to have. It provides a guide to the history through to what is possible with amateur radio dongles and much beside.

Size: 174x240, 128 pages, ISBN: 9781 9101 9307 5

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Amateur Radio Astronomy Amateur Radio Astronomy
2nd Edition

By John Fielding, ZS5JF

For everyone interested in radio astronomy Amateur Radio Astronomy is a great source of material to expand your knowledge and also provides a practical guide to making and setting up your own equipment, through to the study signals coming from space.

Updated and with over sixty extra pages more than the previous edition Amateur Radio Astronomy covers in depth the subject of receiving radio signals from outer space. Starting with a historical perspective of radio astronomy this book shows how much radio amateurs have contributed to the science of radio astronomy and how the average amateur can contribute in this area today. There are newly expanded details of the required parameters for the antenna and receiver and how to assemble a station. There are details of a 50MHz Meteor Radar system and lots of straight forward advice and practical information on putting together your own receiving station. Includes is a practical design for a 1420MHz "hydrogen line receiver", a frequency which the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence programme (SETI) is focused on. New material includes a chapter on Mechanical Systems and details of the Hart RAO KAT Demonstrator Antenna.

This book is the result of period of research stretching back over many years and a great balance between historical narrative and technical information. Amateur Radio Astronomy is not only 'a great read' but a practical reference for the application of radio technology in this fascinating topic.

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Size 240x174mm, 384 pages, ISBN 9781-9050-8667-2

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