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Six & Four Six & Four
The Complete Guide to 50 and 70MHz Amateur Radio

By Don Field, G3XTT

Six Metres (50MHz) - the 'Magic Band' - has always been 'different'. It sometimes behaves as an HF band, with world-wide propagation, but at other times acts more like a VHF band, enjoying the benefits of Sporadic E, meteor scatter and other occasional propagation modes. Because it has so many facets, 6m is both a challenge and an enigma and it draws amateurs from both the VHF and HF worlds. Six & Four is the complete guide to this fascinating band and the similar Four Metre (70MHz) band.

Six & Four is based on the hugely popular 6 Metre Handbook, which is credited by some with doing much to popularise the 50MHz band. This book has moved on and is intended as a handbook for both the 6m and 4m bands. It includes a host of new material on the 4m band and the 6m material has been extensively rewritten to bring it fully up to date. There are details of the new equipment that has become available, especially by way of software-defined radios. There have also been some significant advances made in antenna design and EME ('moonbounce') activity has increased. There are new challenges, made possible by technological developments such as the WSJT and capabilities for remote operation have come on apace. And there are many ways to stay abreast of band openings and activity, through smart phones and other technologies. Six & Four covers all this and a lot besides.

Six & Four is essential reading for all radio amateurs, especially those who want to try something new and different. There's something for everyone, from the beginner who has never been on 6m or 4m and wants a detailed guide, to those who might already have 200+ countries confirmed on 6m! With new countries gaining temporary or permanent access on a regular basis, both bands are a lot of fun, as this book shows!

Size 210x297mm, 288pages, ISBN: 9781 9050 8690 3

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Radios to Go! Radios to Go!
Getting the Most from your Handheld Transceiver
by Steve Ford, WB8IMY

If you want to get the most out of your hand held transceiver 'Radios to Go!' is the book for you. Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to pack a wealth of features into handheld transceivers. With so many features, however, it isn't always easy to get the full benefit from your investment. This book sets out to show you how to get at the features and use them day to day.

With even the user manuals telling the whole story of your radio transceiver 'Radios to Go!' lets you unlock the 'hidden' capabilities that are often not even described. Most dual-band 2-meter/70 cm handheld transceivers can be used to communicate through amateur radio satellites, but you usually won't see this discussion in your average user manual but it is covered in 'Radios to Go!'. Readers will find topics covered include: Why Are They Called HTs? (And Which One Should I Buy?), the Care and Feeding of Batteries, Memories, Scanning, Antennas, Software Management and Microphones & Headsets. There is even coverage of the Alphabet Soup: CTCSS, DTMF and DCS and even IRLP and EchoLink. For those looking for more the book also covers 'Expanding Your Horizons: APRS and Satellites'

If you own a handheld transceiver and want to get more out of it, or if you're trying to decide which transceiver to buy, 'Radios to Go!' is the essential guide.

Size 155x228mm, 112 pages ISBN: 9780 8725 9307 7

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VHF/UHF Handbook VHF/UHF Handbook


Edited by: Andy Barter, G8ATD

The VHF/UHF Handbook is THE guide to theory and practice in the VHF and UHF bands

The VHF/UHF Handbook is packed with content from around the world. This book provides the reader with a wide range of interesting operating modes and techniques alongside the VHF/UHF basics. There are many topics covered including getting started, antennas and constructing your own equipment. There is truly something for everyone, from rag chews on local nets or repeaters to specialist modes such as Amateur television (ATV). Satellite operation is covered, as is the thrill of DX via one of the rare propagation modes or EME. There is much more in this great book, with its contents offering the best practice in every field.

Substantially updated from the previous edition the VHF/UHF Handbook is an invaluable source of information for the seasoned operator and the best introduction for newcomers to the bands. The VHF/UHF Handbook is the true 21st century reference book for this fascinating area of amateur radio.

Size 174x240mm, 320 pages, ISBN: 9781-9050-8631-3

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Guide to VHF/UHF Amateur Radio Guide to VHF/UHF Amateur Radio
by Ian Poole, G3YWX

The VHF and UHF band are some of the most interesting, useful and challenging of those available.

Ian Poole explains just how to get the most from your VHF/UHF station: by studying the weather to predict greatly enhanced propagation; by using the correct part of each band; by choosing the right transmitter, receiver and antenna, and by using the correct procedure. A chapter explains how to transmit and receive computer data on these bands.

This hand-sized book contains everything you will need to help you enjoy VHF/UHF amateur radio to the full.

1st Edn, 2000, RSGB, paperback, A5, 112 pages, ISBN: 1-872309-58-5.

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Antennas for VHF and Above Antennas for VHF and Above

By Ian Poole, G3YWX

The VHF, UHF and microwave bands provide an exciting opportunity for experimentation with antennas. This book from well known author Ian Poole is a fascinating guide to what can be achieved in these bands.

Antenna sizes at these frequencies mean that they do not occupy great amounts of space and most people can experiment with constructing their own antennas. Antennas for VHF and above, provides both the basic theory and constructional details for many antenna designs. Included there are different types of antenna from dipoles to Yagis, and verticals to log-periodic antennas and parabolic reflectors. The reader is taken through the essentials in Ian's easy-to-understand fashion with details of the way the antenna works and the constructional information needed. The reader will also find helpful chapters covering measurements and installation techniques.

Antennas for VHF and above, is a mine of information for anyone wishing to understand or construct antennas for the VHF, UHF and microwave bands. This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in antennas, whether a newcomer or experienced hand.

Size 240x174mm, 144 pages ISBN: 9781 9050 8645 0

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